"Our goal is to bring hunters a lifetime opportunity to take the whitetail of their dreams for a great price."

All hunts are guaranteed whether it be a Trophy Whitetail Deer, Fallow Deer, or a Feral Hog.

Testimony and Past Hunts

My dad and I had a great time on the preserve with Steve Wilson shooting these two trophy bucks over 180 inches each.  We highly recommend this hunt for anybody that wants an action packed, challenging bow hunt!  No matter what the weather may be; rain, snow, or sunshine you are guaranteed to have a good time.  Thank you Steve, sure to see you again soon.

About Us

North America’s deer, particularly the Whitetail with a world of some 15 million, are collectively our most common and most widespread game animals. Yet, they are enigmatic in that it is difficult to obtain really fine trophies of any of the four species on this continent.

The Whitetail deer exists as a classic example of “management for quantity.” Antler growth is dependent upon good minerals, food sources, and genetics and few areas produce top quality racks. We offer deer ranging from 100″ to OVER 200″+

Naturally, all of our deer do not grow into “Mega Bucks” so we also have a large number of high quality management bucks ranging from spike to 6-pointers. We also do offer doe hunts.